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Titan T-3 Space Saving Rack

This folding power Rack is terrific for the home gym or small room, it is moreover straightforward to set up and use. The Rack presents a space-saving design that makes it first-class for busy home venues.

Cheap Titan T-3 Space Saving Rack

The Titan t-3 series Space Saving Rack is an enticing substitute to reduce and keep your fitness equipment space-savingly easier to move on, this Rack is designed to keep your gym's Space facile to handle and offer more Space for your equipment. The t-3 Rack gives an 82 in, tall height and 12 in. Deep wall mounting hole, it also offers a quick connect system that makes it basic to add more equipment quickly, and a comfortable feel to use. The Titan t-3 series space-saving Rack is a top-of-the-heap substitute to save Space in your gym, this Rack is produced from top-of-the-line materials, and it comes with a lot of performance features that will make your gym work better. The Titan t-3 series space-saving Rack is available in both an 24-in, deep wall mount and an 22-in. Tall 24-in, deep wall mount. It also extends a-ossibility to be set at 82-in, deep wall mount or at 24-in. Deep wall mount, with its powerful motor, this Rack can eventually handle even the most large machines. This Rack is fabricated from lightweight materials and can be easily placed in any room or space, the Rack offers an adjustable height and can be made to suit any injuries free use. This Rack is able to reduce your height by three inches and by two inches of deep wall-mount space, it comes with an 18 in. Deep wall-mount and is able to hold a total of 82 lbs.