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Sunlite Gold Tec Disc Rack

The Sunlite gold-tec is a top-grade combo for both road and bike applications, this Rack is excellent for storing your bikes components as well as storing the brake options. The sleek design is best-in-the-class for either home or home-theater sets up, the Rack is quick-release system means it is facile to move around. The white color is terrific for any home or home-theater setting.

Sunlite Gold Tec Disc Rack Walmart

The Sunlite Gold Tec Disc Rack is best-in-the-class for protecting your discs by bringing them out to the sun's light, the built-in locker keeps your discs safe and sound, and the included stickers make sure no bookmark is left behind. The Sunlite Gold Tec Disc Rack is an unrivaled substitute to keep your discs organized and in one place, the rear eyelet allows for straightforward access to your entire Disc collection. The Rack is additionally facile to use, just street-carteign the discs you need to purchase, this g-tec Disc Rack is a top-of-the-heap surrogate to keep your bike organized and in one place! It's made of durable plastic and grants a white color, making it effortless to see in daylight. The Disc Rack can hold a wide variety of discs, making it a first-rate way for the mass market, it can handle even the most large discs. The top-of-the-line discs are definitely the most expensive, and with the Sunlite Gold Tec Disc Rack you can be sure that you're spending a little more but eventually what you're spending is what you're going to get in the end.