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Sun Rack Server

The Sun Rack Server is a first rate Server for busy businesses, it comes with an extendable processor and memory, making it excellent for high-traffic areas of the shop. The Rack Server also features a library that can store and manage your server's software programs, making it effortless to keep your software up to date, the Sun Rack server's rfb environmental protection means that you can be confident that you're getting the best Server possible.

Best Sun Rack Server

This Rack Server is a first-class addition to your Sun research or development environment, with it's 24-core 128 gb ram, you can have quick and reliable storage for your the included 4 x 1. 2 tb disk raid Rack kit helps keep your data safe and basic to access, making heavy work feel simple and easy, this Rack Server is a powerful and basic to adopt way for your oracle s7-2 data center. With its 2 x sparc 4, 27 ghz cpus and 128 gb memory, this Server is prime for serious data center operations. The 600 gb sas-3 disk bay provides ample storage for your applications and is integrated into a solid-state rack, this price is well worth the high end performance! The Sun Rack Server is a best-in-class alternative for lovers who need to house and manage their sun-powered computers. This solution comes with 2 racks, 53 ghz pentium 4 processor and 6 gb of memory, it can serve 2 users at once or multiple teams can share the load. The Rack also supports 600 gb dvds, and can be set up to to a central hub, this is Rack Server that is x2 the size of your x2 your work desk. It's designed for use with Sun oracle sparc t4-2 eight core 2, 85 ghz cpus, but can be used with other as well. It renders two 8-core Sun oracle sparc t4-2 eight core 2, 85 ghz computers on each side of the rack, and 256 gb of memory. It is designed for use with workstations, but can also be used as a full-blown server.