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Allen Sports Premier 2-bike Trunk Rack

The Allen Sports Premier 2 Bike Trunk Rack is an unequaled substitute to keep your Bike safe and secure, this Rack is fabricated of alloy steel and is designed to bare in to fatigue with use. It gives two Bike carts that can be easily carried, and is additionally fantastic for carrying snacks and drinks, the alpine style design is sure to set your Bike apart from other bikes in its price range.

Allen Sports Premier 2-bike Trunk Rack Ebay

The Allen Sports Premier 2-bike Trunk Rack is a top-notch substitute to keep your connected and organized, the Rack is again very straightforward to operate and set up, making it a top-grade way for suitors digging for a new Bike Rack system. This Rack is fabricated of durable materials that will last for many years, it can be used for many purposes such as for storage, or for transportation. This Rack is exquisite for 2 bikes and comes with a built-in storage area for your groceries, car, or other accessories, the trussed-up design means that the Rack is stable and facile to set up, and the black finish is sleek and modern. It is an all-black design with a black finish, and it is designed to store your bike, the Rack presents 2 spokes on it, and it is manufactured of tough plastic. It as well walkable, so you can leave your Bike there, the Rack imparts a simple design, and it is facile to assemble.