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2u Rack Case

2 u Rack Case is an unequaled solution for your store, it is a deep-freeze-resistant drawers Case that can be mounted on a wall or wall mount. It comes with an easy-to-use lock, making it basic to keep track of your products, the Case is moreover dishwasher and microwave-safe.

2u Rack Server Case

This is an 2 u Rack Case that is designed for use in the server market, it is highly sleek and lightweight, making it unrivaled for small offices or it provides an 2 u capacity, meaning that it can hold up to 2200 servers. The Rack Case is in like manner backed by our standard screws, ensuring years of use and reliable performance, this Rack Case is top-rated for your music needs. This is a top way to keep your equipment safe and secure, the 2 u portable shallow 19 Rack Case is splendid for audio equipment, storage or for its role as a carrying case. This Rack Case comes with a carrying Case and 2 u portable shallow 19 Rack case, the 2 u Rack Case is exceptional for your 2 u systems. It is a sensational surrogate for keeping your data organized and in control, the top handle makes it straightforward to move your Rack Case around, and the top cover protects your data from rain or vandalism. The black to lex wrap top handle and Rack Case make it look unequaled and keep your system searching good, the sound town 2 u glide style Case with 11 u slant mixer 20 depth stmr-2 ult is dandy for storing your speakers, cds, and other items. The Case presents a stylish and comfortable design with 11 u slant mixer construction that makes it uncomplicated to move items around, the Case also offers a spacious depth of 20 inches and is available in other colors and sizes.